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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Internship Visit this Past Weekend

This past weekend, I went up to Boston for my internship. This time consisted of two elements: speaking at the Tremont Street Shul (as I've done previously) and MCed the Yom Iyun that was collaboratively put together by the Center for Modern Torah Leadership and Uri L'Tzedek.
For my speaking at the Tremont Street Shul, I spoke Friday night after the traditional minyan's services on the topic of the Shulhan/table in the mishkan and gave a parshah introduction on Shabbas morning. Following the kiddush luncheon, I led a text study on Ta'anit Esther (source sheet). On Sunday morning, I spoke on the topic of tefillin on the occasion of a boy who was soon to become a bar mitzvah and had wrapped tefillin for the first time.
The other part of it was the Yom Iyun, which I MCed and had helped to put together.

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