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Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Internship Visit

Last weekend, I went up to Boston for my first internship visit to speak at the Tremont Shul's traditional minyan. Although in the fall I will normally be speaking three times at the Tremont Shul's traditional minyan (the third time being on Sunday morning) when I visit, I was going to be taking a flight that Sunday morning with my wife, so I only spoke twice. These two times were a devar Torah at Friday night davening and a presentation/class after Shabbas morning services.
For the Friday night devar Torah, I spoke about Deut. 30:6 to both better understand it to some degree and to see how it can connect to this holiday season (mainly prior to Rosh HaShanah, but also through Yom Kippur). I think it went decently, though not badly.
For the presentation the following day, I gave it on the topic of Sleeping or Not Sleeping on Rosh HaShanah (click here for the source sheet). I think this class definitely went well.
I think it was a nice visit and now I need to schedule my next visit.

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