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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Presentation on Shulhan Arukh, Orah Hayim §91, Part 1

This year, my school is having students deliver a devar halakhah after minhah on Wednesdays and Thursdays, lasting no longer than five minutes on a particular section in the Shulhan Arukh (similar to, but different from last year's). So, I spoke today [and will be speaking tomorrow] on section 91, which deals with preparing oneself garment-wise for prayer.
I think I did a decent job in my presentation, but I definitely felt like I was going pretty quickly, but most people said that kind of came out initially, but was not such a big issue. I decided to break it up chronologically: in this first session, I dealt with the relevant Talmudic passages and other statements in Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher's Tur on this section. Tomorrow, I will deal with the Shulhan Arukh and beyond.
The audio for this presentation is available here and the video is available below:


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