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Monday, November 12, 2007

Presenting Rav Moshe's Teshuvah on Learning During Hazaras HaShaz, part 2

As a continuation from my previous post, I spoke last Wednesday on Rav Moshe Feinstein's responsum on reading a book during the prayer leader's repetition. Below follows the video:

Cons: Lack of organization of what to say, looking down at sheet when speaking (especially at the end of sentences), use of fillers, and the side-to-side head movements.
Strengths: When engaging with the audience and usage of facial and hand expressions (especially when explaining the historical element).


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Presenting Rav Moshe's Teshuvah on Learning During Hazaras HaShaz

Yesterday, I presented at school on the topic of Rav Moshe's teshuvah on learning from a book during the prayer leader's repetition. This year at YCT, students get to speak on Rav Moshe Feinstein's teshuvos throughout a given week directly following מנהה (afternoon prayer service). Started last year by some students to present a prayer-related דבר הלכה (piece of halakhah) a couple of times a week, it has now been instituted that one student does so three times a week and specifically on Rav Moshe's teshuvos. This week is my week. The source sheet I prepared is available here. Below follows the video from yesterday's presentation:
There are, I recognize, some things that I did well and some that I did not (and upon which I need to work):
Things upon which I need to work are my mumbling, the looking down, the talking to the paper, and processing what I am about to say while talking. As far as good things, my hand motions were definitely an asset, when I did make eye contact with the audience, when I was speaking smoothly, and my finish with the conclusion.
There are two more parts to this series and I have what upon which to work.