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Friday, February 06, 2009

Upcoming Yom Iyun on Consumerism

My next visit up to Boston for my internship will be taking place in a few weeks, where I will be speaking that shabbas at the Tremont Shul and be helping run a yom iyun program. The yom iyun program will be a joint program between the Center for Modern Torah Leadership and Uri L'Tzedek. The official program blurb runs as follows (also on the UTL website):
The Center for Modern Torah Leadership and Uri L'Tzedek will be holding a joint Yom Iyun on Torah Consumer Ethics & Jewish Buyer Responsibilities. There will be case studies along with learning and discussions led by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper of the Center for Modern Torah Leadership and Shmuly Yanklowitz of Uri L’Tzedek. The program will run on Sunday March 1st from 12-4 PM at the Boston University Hillel (213 Bay State Road) with lunch provided. There is no charge for attendance or for lunch. If you have any questions, please contact us at: cmtlintern [at] drewkaplan.info.
If you are interested in attending, the flier for the program is available online here.

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