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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Internship Visit #3

This weekend, I went up to Boston, and have been speaking at the Tremont Street Shul, much like my previous visit and first visit for my internship this year. On Friday night, following the traditional services, I led a text-study on the timing of the lighting of Hanukah candles (source sheet). On Shabbas morning, during kidush, I spoke on the name change from Ya'akov (Jacob) to Yisrael (Israel) and the wrestling scene in the parshah.
This morning, following shaharit at the shul, I spoke on "Upon What Did The Academies of Hillel & Shammai Disagree Regarding Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin?" (source sheet) (pictured at the right).
I think this visit went well, receiving some positive feedback for my speaking. I also got to speak with Rabbi Klapper about moving forward in the spring in my internship.

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