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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kehillot Kedoshot (Posting #4): Day 2, Evening

After מנחה (afternoon prayer), I was chatting with my two fellow YCT students who had attended the conference and we came to dinner a bit late. On account of needing to depart on time for the evening's program, we had little time to catch up. Although the food was good (and the dessert was amazingly yummy - a great chocolate cake or chocolate mousse cake), I was definitely feeling stuffed afterwards.
We then attended an "action" at a relatively nearby synagogue (an "action" in community organizing parlance is "
usually an event at which the community comes together to hold decision-makers accountable on a particular issue, piece of legislation, etc…" (source)). This action was my first, which was good to see, as we had discussed them plenty over the course of the last semester in our social organizing class. One important thing I learned at this action was the recognition of the politicians attending as well as other assorted VIPs in attendance. The shocking thing to me attending this action was that all along I have heard that actions are where politicians are "put to the fire" - basically, being asked tough questions and to deliver on their promises as well as not being so easy sometimes - but this turned out to be, as another attendee called it, a "lovefest". It was bizarre to me that all of the politicians were so into this idea and committed to it, it was weird. After speaking with other people, I found out that this is, indeed, the exception and not the rule for actions as well as that there had been talks in the weeks leading up to this action that were unlike what came across.
Anyways, all throughout the action I wasn't feeling well and remained in that condition when we returned to the hotel for the evening.

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