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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kehillot Kedoshot (Posting #3): Day 2, Afternoon

After Training Session II (see previous posting), there was lunch, followed by denominational caucuses. For the Orthodox, that meant, essentially, the Chovevei guys who were attending the conference to talk about the issues about this work and bringing it into Orthodox shuls. It was interesting to discuss, as some of our issues are different and sometimes opposed to the non-Orthodox movements.
Following the denominational caucus, we had our third and final training session. Of four choices, I attended the session entitled "Relational Power: How to Analyze and Engage Power". Except for a little at the beginning and the end, most of it seemed like a review for me (similar to the first training session). I thought the session was going to be more about analyzing power, but it barely touched upon it, even though that was in the title. A more fitting session during the same time-slot would have been "Power Mapping/Matrix: A Powerful and Mighty Tool", but that sounded too technical of a session title to me. Oh well.
After this, we davened מנחה (the afternoon prayer service) in our respective spaces (which, again, for the מחיצה (separate seating) people meant davening (praying) on our own).

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